SALT + pepper Responsive Theme

I've published my newest responsive theme to the site.  SALT + pepper Responsive Theme.  My target audience includes MOBILE first customers who want to look good and clean anywhere.  The name shows I have no idea in naming themes (see A13 for previous taste in names)...

Its always a balance between how much black/grey/white and where to add color.  While I write the documentation on the theme settings I may revise if there should be an accent color at all.  If you do add one, it should be dark, as the gradient comes from black to your color...

Does anyone use the Liferay Dockbar for normal customer use?  I've styled it in this one too - but the feedback is sparse...  Cheers, hope you enjoy.   Ben.




Liferay Knowledge Base Up and Running

I've installed the Liferay Knowledge Base CE 6.2 from the Liferay Marketplace to support the applications in my portfolio.  My advice to others using this portlet is to come ready with your own documentation classification taxonomy.  This means, be prepared with your directory structrure and content tagging plan.

My plan evolved during implementation to combine content specific Knowledge Base Folders.  My folders contain additional folders with more specific labelling and possibly content.  The mind map below is what I came up with: courtesy of



Portfolio Site Up and Running

This is my portfolio site blog.  This is where I will post news about new portfolio entries; applications on the Liferay Marketplace; other Marketplaces; and applications available for preview (beta testing)...

Currently I have a theme on the Liferay Marketplace; a portlet/hook application on the Liferay Marketplace; and  a theme pending in the Envato/ Marketplace.  Users who have purchased items from these (and other) marketplaces can find support for their products by clicking on the support page.

I hope you enjoy and come back every now and then to see what I'm up to!

Ciao, Ciao

Ben Simpson